Florida Havanese Breeders

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We are not a kennel, we are hobby/show breeders who like to show our companion dogs at AKC events. We do not breed dogs as a business to support ourselves. We are dedicated to breed improvement and producing healthy, happy dogs that meet the AKC standard for our breed. The Havanese Breed is Awesome, and our Passion! Our goal is to produce the most healthy, sound and loving puppies possible so our total dedication is to this wonderful companion breed that goes willing around the ring for us older folks and is happy just being by our side. We love our dogs, but we can’t keep them all so some are available for companions to forever homes. We do want our pet owners to have the healthiest, happiest and most affectionate puppies that truly represent the breed standard. We breed for quality following the AKC standard in size, temperament, and conformation, and we health test as appropriate for our breed. With 26 years of experience in breeding dogs and a life-time involvement with animals, we have built a reputation of trust, honesty, and standing behind our word and our puppies. As a result we have made many new friends and have been able to keep in touch with our puppies and their new owners. Please explore our site at your leisure. We are here to assist you with any questions you may have about our favorite canines.

We have been raising and showing toy dogs for twenty-seven years. All our puppies are born in our bedroom under close supervision, and raised in our home and socialized with lots of love and attention. Our goal had always been to raise the healthiest and friendliest show and companion puppies. We like you to see what you are buying so we do not ship, but we often can make other arrangements for delivery. All of our dogs are AKC Registered only. Our companion puppies are sold with limited AKC papers and must be neutered at the appropriate age. We breed for health, conformation, and temperament. All of our puppies come with a five year health guarantee against genetic defects that have the potential to shorten the life of your dog. We are always here for you to answer your questions and help you and your puppy adjust.

We like our puppies to stay in our home until they have been well socialized. We do not wean early and therefore our puppies are available around 9 to 10 weeks old. By this time, they are eating hard food well, have been for rides in the car so that they can adjust to motion, have been on a leash, and have experienced playing outdoors with their mom. Our puppies are trained on washable pads from the time they walk so are usually very easy to train. Puppies that are smaller in size (under 3 lbs at 8 weeks) sometimes are not ready for their forever homes at 9 or 10 weeks and must stay longer until we are comfortable that they will not need extra care. We do encourage you to visit with your puppy every few weeks to give you and your chosen puppy the opportunity to bond to each other.